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Reading Dynamics SuperReading

Duration : 24 Hours Training over 8 weeks : 3-hour lesson per week with prescribed homework and telephonic call-in support between lessons. 
Group size :
10 – 25 participants (Individuals may join scheduled groups or arrange own groups)
Training Fee Investment

# Individual Rate - R5950 per person.
# Family Rate * (2 members of same family) - 10% discount off individual rate per person.
# Company Rate * (3 or more members of a company) - 10% discount off individual rate per person.
# Group Rate 1 - POA for 10 participants plus POA per additional participant over 10 participants.
# Group Rate 2 - POA for 15 participants plus POA per additional participant over 15 participants.
* Discounted rates only apply to additional participants joining the same course as the primary participant(s)
Includes tuition, course manual, reading timer, stationery, testing, certification, telephonic support.

An intensive, comprehensive classroom-based / instructor-facilitated information management training program with emphasis on skills-acquisition. Weekly 3-hour lessons with prescribed daily home practice and telephonic instructor support between lessons. This course gives you the skills to read, study and listen more effectively. To comprehend, retain and recall ideas, concepts and information from business, academic and general reading sources, fully and accurately.

Who should attend
Professionals, executives, managers and supervisors who may feel overwhelmed by high volumes of written and spoken information received in the work-place, academic arena and in the general world of information communication.

Content - What you will learn
# Increase linear reading speeds in technical and non-technical reading by 200 - 500 percent or more. 
# Increase visual reading speeds in semi-technical and non-technical reading by 600 - 1000 percent or more.
# Concentration, comprehension, retention and recall skills. 
# Mind-mapping, study methods, exam techniques, note-taking / note-making skills for seminars, lectures and presentations. 
# Applied reading techniques for business reading, computer-screen reading. 
# Rate-to-purpose reading for high-volume reading. 
# Mind Power, affirmation and visualization training.
# Special techniques for preparing for directors meetings and board meetings.
# "Seeding" into the Super-Conscious Mind for Problem-Solving & Creative Strategies.
# Techniques for combining 'depth-reading' with 'collateral-reading' to avoid 'knowledge implosion'. 
# Emphasis is on training YOU in a skill that will be useful, dynamic, results-oriented; a skill that will give you the competitive edge; a skill that will give you winning results.

How you will benefit
# Save TIME - by learning to read just FIVE TIMES as fast, you will save 8 hours a week in reading time.
# Save MONEY - by learning to assimilate more information, you will avoid the cost of failure - avoid the "I didn't know" syndrome.
# Keep up to date with new information that affects your business, company, career, skills and qualifications.
# Make more informed and enlightened decisions based upon ALL of the facts rather than limited knowledge.
# Become more productive by being able to absorb more information in less time.
# Keep ahead of your competition - assimilate new information faster than they do.
# Develop self-confidence in being able to process, absorb and assimilate new information infinitely faster than your competitors and colleagues. 
# SuperReading is interactive - your instructor meets with you every week to guide, encourage, explain, support, motivate and push you. Our Goal is to make certain that you acquire a skill.

Graduate Benefits
Graduates enjoy the benefits of attending our Graduate Workshops which are designed to assist you in maintaining and further improving your skills.   

Graduate Comments